Commissioned long ago by the 7th Tokugawa, a great patron of Karakuri design during the Edo period. Used to entertain guests with its charming grace as it carefully presents its hosts with tea, the Karakuri has also been used sparingly in Noh theatre, much to the shock of the audience when they discover the true nature of a seemingly masked actor.

Key Features-
-Tea for the host and his guest is presented on a laquered tray.
-Tanned skin tubing delivers the compressed air from the main pumps.
-Two pneumatic pumps function as the Karakuri’s prime source of locomotive power.
-Large laquer box contains the cogs and switching boxes that control all the air tubes that lead to the Karakuri.
-Shinto charms are affixed to the engine box, and are said to help instill the Karakuri with a soul.