This man is currently a very wealthy merchant in the southern trade city-states. Only recently has he come into power as an independent financial force. Originally married into a position as treasurer of the powerful Culnacci family, he was privy to many a goings on in the region. Made aware of the date planned for a riot and coup to overthrow the administration of a neighbouring city-state, he surreptitiously snuck off to the troubled area with the Culnacci seal. There he proceeded to use the family's reputation to take out huge loans from the city's major banks. He paid a fraction of this wealth to several cutthroats and promised more on the condition that they burn to the ground every bank he specified amidst the chaos of the impending uprising. When the uprising came, all proceeded well, and the records of the loans were destroyed. He had his wife poisoned, invested his gains, had the rogues hanged when they returned for their pay. He now lives comfortably, hopping from one riverfront property to the other with his twenty concubines.