Increasing amounts of both urban conflicts, and a rising population in areas prone to natural disasters, created a demand for a quickly deployed victims’ aid robot. The S19 Syringe Saint is fitted with five articulated air jets that keep it afloat as it steps nimbly across hazardous ruins, scanning the area for the injured with its array of sensors.

Key Features-
- Long arms that can unfold to become even longer.
- Long legs with wire ratchets (intended more as stabilizers than support)
- Segmented body plating to minimize dust and dirt from fouling internal systems
- The fifth air jet is on the back, the four seen on the front act as stabilizers.
- Arms are multi jointed to better reach down into rubble.
- Mouth part carries many independent sensors to read the environment (gas fumes, biological contaminants, etc) as well as to detect the life signals of trapped/injured victims.