Long ago the god Loki, in the form of a white mare and impregnated by the horse Svadilfari, gave birth to Sleipnir the eight-legged. When Loki reverted to his natural form he gave Sleipnir to the god Odin, announcing that the steed could carry his rider swifter than any horse, by land, sea or air and had the power to enter the land of the dead and return.

Key Features:

The tail is not bobbed, but tied up on itself to prevent it being used as a handhold in battle.

Heavy iron shod shoes for dashing the heads of ice giants.

Runes instill the steed with protections from ice giants and the grasping hands of the dead.

The six legs at Sleipnir's front can lay down a vicious barrage of Levades during an airs above the ground Mezair maneuver.