During the great celebrations of Beltane, the pagan masses form huge parade lines as they cavort, naked, in step with the Wicker Man whose rider leads them across the spring landscape. Inside the Wicker Man's structure the sacrifices burn in offering to Jack-in-the-Green, and a huge intoxicating cloud billows back into the madly frothing parade.

Key Features:

Druidic ceremony master blindly steers the Wicker Man towards the faint image of the gibbous moon he can just make out through his veil.

The oily, pungent smoke trailing behind the Wicker Man acts as a trance inducing incense for the following parade.

The sacrifices that fill the Wicker Man are voluntary, but rarely maintain this commitment when the fire is set.

These reins are merely ceremonial, and the Wicker Man strides forth in a straight line until it burns down (the location of its halting designates the site for further rites).

While mystically powered and animated, the structure of the Wicker Man still needs wooden joints to move in its characteristically loping gait.