An Obeah servant of a witch, fashioned from wood, bronze, and gourds for work in the fields. A monkey is sacrificed to inhabit each limb, and a still birth is encased in the head to manifest a controlling spirit. Wholly subject to the wills of their creator, these puppets are usually utilised for menial tasks and are kept out of sight. Folk tales tell of a time when the witch kings would rase whole villages with witch puppets leading packs of cackling hyenas, the cracks of whips cutting the dusty night air.

Key Features-
- Eyes on the mask are closed, and the puppet sees through the painted third eye.
- Cured, hollowed gourds, and bundles of tied grasses used as limb parts.
- Tanned skins drawn taught over bowed, wooden frames.
- Spry and strong saplings used as feet.
- Long, sharp fingers for threshing millet terminate the Puppet’s second pair of arms.
- Scythe for reaping the witch's harvests.
- Branch from a cemetary tree fools the soul into thinking of the Puppet as a resting place.
- Bone dagger pierces skull; if removed the puppet collapses, lifeless.