A veritable walking tank, the Anvil fills any necessary semi-stationary armour role. Extremely vulnerable to attack helicopters, the Anvil is primarily used for hold and defend objectives, and military occupations. The Anvil is efficient and intimidating, making it perfect for suppressing insurgencies; however friendly fire incidents are common, leaving it dreaded by friend and foe alike.

Key Features-
-Liquid cooled 32mm Vulcan used in an anti-material/armour role.
-Underside-dome mounted 11mm machine gun intended for close-quarters anti-personnel purposes.
-Dedicated sighting systems mounted on Vulcan arm.
-Modular reactive armour.
-Rubber treads to reduce damage done to city streets.
-SAM bay for protection from attack helicopters.
-Heavily armoured drum containing coils of 32mm belt-fed ammunition.