1. General Purpose-
Standard issue, and with a universal application in mind, this frame presents a basic weapon for infantry use.
2. Black Ops Role-
This rifle is intended for clandestine and internationally illegal roles in assassination and hostile territory reconnaissance. A large, baffled sound suppressor surrounds the shortened barrel. The magazine in question is actually an under-barrel helical system housing 50 rounds. A padded brass catcher covers the whole ejection port, functionally silencing even the action of the bolt, and collecting bullet casings to lessen forensic evidence.
3. CQB/ Security Role-
This version has been rechambered for pistol rounds, and the barrel has been drastically shortened. A slanted foregrip has been installed to control climb, and a sliding stock has been fitted (seen unextended here). This version of the weapon would be used with concealment in mind, for close quarters security roles, or for use by tank and artillery crews.
4. Heavy Support Role-
A large box feed of belted, tumbling rounds replaces the old magazine, and a downwards directed flash suppressor and bipod are fitted to the end of the barrel. A carrying handle is fixed to the top of the frame.
5. Close Support Role-
An independent, under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher has been attached to this rifle for use by grenadiers. An extended iron grenade sight points up from the gun frame. An opened trigger frame extends down to the base of the grip, allowing the weapon to be used by gloved hands.
6. Sniper Role-
An extended barrel offers more rifling for enhanced accuracy, and the scope jacks straight into a primary processor (then fed into a goggle’s HUD). The magazine has been shortened to better facilitate prone shooting, and the standard grip has been replaced with a robotic fixture for the sake of immediate and enhanced trigger pulls. The hand fixture would attach straight to the wrist of the user.
7. Paratrooper Role-
A ceramic bayonet is affixed to the front of the shortened barrel, and a folding stock can dramatically shorten the overall length of the rifle when needed.