After receiving V2 rocket plans, plutonium, and uranium oxide snuck into Japan by German U-boat No.234, the Imperial Japanese applied their new technology to the pre-existing Cherry Blossom kamikaze plane. This new jet was to function as a human piloted atomic bomb to be deployed from bombers during the defense of Japan.

Key Features:

Large detonation hammer ensures the bomb explodes upon impact in case the air burst mechanisms fail.

40mm guns fixed to main fuselage after brave Allied pilots began trying to detonate the Blossoms prior to their goal by flying their planes straight into the Blossom's path.

Rotationally adjustable vents allow the plane a slight degree of directional correction after being launched from a heavy bomber.

The canopy and tail are the only recognizable parts left of the Blossom's fuselage which has been adapted from the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft.

The canopy is welded shut after the pilot has entered the cockpit.