Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself, the Brass Lion was a marvel even in the impetus of the industrial revolution. Vaulting into true international fame when a single Brass Lion saved the charge of the light brigade in the Crimean war. Flanking, it smashed into the Tsarist artillery positions where it was eventually felled but not before bursting open and showering its attackers with boiling water and gouts of steam.

Key Features-
-Enlarged 6 shot revolver affixed to saber arm.
-Series of adjustable lenses which switch and telescope depending on the field of vision required.
-Fore wheel arms used as base when the robot settles into firing posture.
-The cannon wall is actually far thinner than conventional cannons, and is intended as a one-shot disposable weapon that splits open and is discarded after firing.
-Adaptation of a cavalry saber for
cleaving foot soldiers from an elevated position.