As the pandemic sweeps the known world, society's crumbling infrastructures desperately try to form organized methods of disposing of the insurmountable amounts of dead. Criminals are co-opted into becoming the drivers of the plague carts in exchange for pardons they invariably never survive to enjoy. These carts trundle through streets ringing their distinctive bells as the driver croaks as loud as he can, compelling the peasants to emerge from their homes to fill the cart bed with their mass burial destined dead.

Key Features:

Adapted feed bag containing posies and other herbs in hopes they will filter the impure air and prevent the horse from contracting the plague.

Bells constantly jingle to both warn the uninfected and to attract those who have dead that need picking up.

While the driver's visibility is severely hampered by his constraints, he can still crane his neck enough to perceive the roads he has to go down.

Lengths of fabric catch bodies that fall from the back of the cart and can drag them for short distances (peasants are very helpful in hoisting the bodies back into the cart to avoid having them left in the middle of their streets).