Shaped from proteins, this nanobot travels through human bodies performing delicate surgery, or perhaps clandestinely delivering minute payloads of deadly poison. Nanobot is something of a misnomer, the Cherubim is actually only microscopic in size, but can work on a subatomic scale. Wholly organic, the Cherubim can actually self-destruct and be absorbed by the system it dwells in, leaving no currently detectable trace.

Key Features-
-Pulsing flagellum propel the robot through liquids (for aerial travel, these are much larger, humming-bird like wings).
-Hands can be remotely controlled by a human operator.
-Fingertips are complex multi-tools that can fashion on a quantum scale.
-Multiple sensors detect all manners of trace elements and energies.
-The extremely elastic arms are bunched up, creating lumps on their surface.