Some highly decorated soldiers in the Red Army who've suffered debilitating mutilation can end up awakening to find themselves interred in robotic shells. Prosthetic Commandos are primarily used as bodyguards for dignitaries and in perimeter defense at missile silos located near the border or in high risk locales. They're a particularly favoured ceremonial figurehead in the Warsaw Pact's elaborate military parades.

Key Features-
-The large air intake is used for the pneumatic jump jets that allow for speedy short range engagements.
-150 round turret drum of vicious Warsaw Pact 5.45 x 39 mm rounds.
-Developmental reactive armour shatters outwards on ballistic impacts.
-The face plate can open to reveal more precise optical equipment for long range detection and engagement.
-The brain seen here is actually thickly laminated and not exposed. The brain stem and spinal chord extend back into a deeper housing, and these organic components are well protected during normal use (though internal fires have proven to be a dangerous problem as the vestigial human controller tends to become violently berserk).