When a treaty was signed by the dominant empires to cease the use of freebooters in maritime affairs, an open season was declared on pirates, with bounties for their ears being offered at all major trading ports. This drove the pirates underground, so to speak, using the structures of gargantuan, extinct crustaceans as their new ships of fortune; pulling merchant vessels below the waves to tear their hulls asunder and reap the rewards.

Key Features:

Jolly Roger emblazoned on the upper carapace instills fear in any crew witnessing the shellfish approach their ship from the shallows.

Ballast mines tied to adjustable rigging that can suddenly be let up into a ship's hull floating above.

Massive iron reinforced claws pull the wreckages of blasted ships into the water's depths and spilt open their cargo holds.

Portholes abound in the shellfish's carapace viewing the surroundings from every possible angle.

Large storage bay doors open for the claws to stuff captured cargo into the shellfish's ample storage holds.

Crow's nest eyes for crew members on outlook.