Cetaceans have long been used by military outfits, trained for marine mine clearance, reconnaissance, and even attack roles. However their willful, individualistic personalities caused severe problems. Escapees were common, which represented an extremely expensive loss in both resources and time, for their trainers. The J8 program solved this issue with heavily genetically modified Belugas featuring post-growth expansive mechanical grafting which fitted them to be overseen by a human pilot.

Key Features:

Opened canopy exposes cockpit.

Legs mounted on underbelly allow cyborg to crawl along the seabottom and minimize water disruption for the sake of covert movement.

Manipulator arms can be controlled by pilot for precise tasks (repairs, sabotage, etc).

Feed tubes supply a space efficient, dehydrated cocktail to nourish the remaining biological elements of the cyborg.

Synthetic fin extensions can unfurl or contract depending on the need for speed or maneuverability.