Built by the Royal Family as a grandiose military deterrent, the Dajjal towered above the ground; sealed from any future interference, autonomous and powered indefinitely by its fusion power plants. Initially this building sized cipher was stationed immobile in the capital, funded, maintained, and hailed by a public relations firm bankrolled by an untraceable line that did not appear to lead back to the state. At a particularly high point of global unrest the Dajjal suddenly slinked into action; leveling the capital in which it resided. The nation's other strategic robots were quickly torn asunder by the Dajjal on its obtusely apparent objective of leaving the country, where it commenced on a campaign targeting national capitals one after the other. No emergency plans proved effective, and none of the extreme options ranging from nuclear arms to the prize strategic robots of the world's superpower could halt its progression. Rapid intelligence gathering discovered that anything relating to the production of the Dajjal were completely falsified down to the last detail. The Royal Family, now completely unnaccounted for, and possibly deceased in the destruction of the capital, are the only known link that may be able to shed light on this global terror that seemed to come into this world from nowhere and was now engaged in some terrifyingly unknowable campaign.


Produced for TRUEMAX Studios.