-Freight container used to store commandeered cargo. This particular container is a standardised small cylindrical model used by the Fence Freights for mass transport. The entire container can be jettisoned downwards quickly in emergencies when a burst of speed is needed or even when being boarded by authorities or underworld competition. Encrypted beacons are often included so a freighter can return to pick up unclaimed jettisons, but many freebooters and fences avoid these devices from fear of authorities utilising captured encryption keys for tracking down active outlaws or for laying ambushes at container pickups.
-Gun nests: 4 nests of 5.56mm gun mounts on fore, and 1 mount with a 30mm flak gun on aft.
-Hook and winch systems used for docking, anchoring and for boarding target vessels.
-Boxes and plates of applique armour.