Reports have begun to surface in the Eastern Wars of an unidentified "flying tank" cutting blazing swathes through the armoured divisions of both sides of the conflict. Speculation is that, while it is possible that both sides are now testing the same classified hardware, it seems likely that the suggestions of a major military contractor using the war as a testing grounds for new vehicles and weaponry is most likely.

Key Features:

Twin prop rotors share a complicated gearbox that allow the blades to safely intersect when spinning.

Socketed 40mm guns can be used to engage both ground and air targets.

Socketed 60mm belt fed gun used to saturate large areas of ground surface, targeting both armour and buildings.

Ammunition drum intersects tail fuselage and can be replaced quickly during refueling.

Extended landing gear can be individually adjusted and angled to allow the gunship to land on extremely precarious terrain.