Originally planned as a somewhat philanthropically oriented project intended to curb widespread corporate use of third world labour and sweatshop type practices. Mounted in a mechanical frame, genetically cultured “high wear” parts are grown in vats and regularly replaced. Not only are the meat components incredibly cheap to fashion and replace, they are extremely dextrous and efficient.

Key Features-
-Four eyes used by CPU to coordinate assembly and work processes.
-Hazard pattern to alert human workers.
-Nutrient cocktails and preservatives pumped into organic parts to prevent rot and rigor mortis.
-The feet are toughened, and mechanically reinforced. While extremely nimble, these meat feet often need to be replaced daily.
-Docking bay connects worker to recharge stations and assorted heavy machinery.
-Reactor core encased in a thick sphere of titanium alloys to prevent explosions or leaks possibly incurred during serious accidents.