Churned out of Soviet factories with the initial intent of recapturing Stalingrad, the Medveds tore a path through the panzer divisions in the great armoured conflicts at Kursk in July 1943. A wartime expedient, the Medved was just as temperamental as the earlier MBWs used in the war, but they still shined when pitted against German mechanized troops and cities.

Key Features-
-194mm calibre field gun primarily fed with 80kg HE shells.
-Plated shielding to protect loading crews from shrapnel.
-Feet are fitted with a ski undercarriage for use in snowy conditions.
-Snow claws clamp down during firing to prevent the entire robot from shifting too much due to recoil.
-An elaborate muzzle break contributes to reducing recoil (which can eventually shake the whole robot apart).