This weapon must be kept well fed, and supplied with a consistent regimen of antibiotics lest it become infected and jam. Fatty deposits in the magazines can regrow the enamel ammunition when stored in a warm, dry place overnight.
1. The basic frame of a modular robot. Humanoid for design and interactivity application reasons, this robot is presented with basic functionality and a potential for vast amounts of modification.
2. A communications array protrudes from the skull of this robot. Two primary antennae slide on a disk mounting, and a coil housed in the lower extension aids in transmittance.
3. The left forearm of this robot has been replaced with a jellied napalm thrower. The napalm supply leads from the expansion chamber in the body of the thrower up the piping and to a large tank anchored to the robot's left shoulder and scapula.
4. Fully plated in heat resistant, magnetized ballistic plating, this robot has been outfitted to survive extremely hazardous situations.
5. A large, extended visor gifts this version of the robot with extremely advanced ocular functions. A primary cluster of lenses on the visors left side telescope and rotate, seeing in a variety of spectrums and in some cases the vision's capability is limited only by the curve of the earth.
6. This version has mounted carrying cases. The robot could simply be a pack mule, or the cases may contain a huge mainframe that vastly enhances the robot's cognitive and calculation capabilities.
7. This robot has been affixed with three back mounted jump jets. A brace crosses the chest plate for extra anchorage, and the jet openings are socketed and spherical, pivoting in a wide range of directions.