Polished to a glittering shine, Sir Maximillian's new siege engines scuttle along battlefields, lobbing mortar rounds into the citadel walls of the neighbouring fiefs. It is whispered that the lord has fashioned a pact with Beelzebub in exchange for the arcane knowledge required to manufacture such unnatural weapons of war.

Key Features:

Vantage tower, allowing the crew a commanding 360 degrees of battlefield visibility.

Tilting mortar hurls explosive iron fire pots high into the air, and over protective parapets.

Entry hatch can open quickly, allowing the crew to pack and load the mortar while exposing themselves minimally.

Polished iron plating is the primary material covering the whole roach, offering it substantial protection.

Maximillian's heraldic crest displayed on a billowing penant, held triumphantly forth at the front of the vehicle.