Those wealthy enough in the Piscine Empire often vacation on extended cruises aboard crafts like the luxury nautiloid, enjoying a relaxing tour of the territories. The Empire's elite citizens onboard the ship enjoy their own quarters, holds for their slaves, lavish dining halls, a huge theatre, and verandas offering excellent views of the surrounding ocean.

Key Features:

Upper observation deck used by vacationers with eyes strong enough to look up at the light shining down from the water's surface.

Huge windows offer a commanding view of the seascape from the comfort of interior dining areas and lounges.

The ship can move fore or aft and when necessary these tentacles retract and the surrounding plates close up.

These extended, flared muscular hydrostats are often used to pull surface craft down into the water for the amusement of the more spiteful tourists.

The shell is quite empty at the moment, and the protruding parts of the ship can retract into armoured safety when needed.