The needle is an evolution of the guided cruise missile. Inserted behind enemy lines by sea, or by HALO air drop, the needle then advances on all fours to optimal vantage points whose coordinates are continuously fed by satellite observation. Once in place the Needle goes dormant and conceals itself until the designated target comes within range, at which point the cruise missile launches and the exoskeleton detonates to keep its technology out of enemy hands.

Key Features-
-Communications array extends from split rear bay.
-Initial targeting sensor paints the objective with a marker and feeds the information to the cruise missile’s internal guidance system before firing.
-Highly accomodating base and frame allow new cruise missiles to be retrofitted for use in the Needle.
-Fore feet can actually function as opposable digits to facilitate access to precipitous vantage points, and even climb trees and buildings.
-Small gas cannisters on side can emit obscuring smoke and chafe to buy time in the case of concealment being compromised to allow the Needle enough time to hastily fire and self-destruct.