As the multi-nationals gain greater and greater power, they also garner more hostility and their aggressive weakening of federal powers has relegated much of the policing to being handled internally. The Martial Queller is used to put down protests and riots, and its mere presence often acts as a deterrence to those who would fight the powers that be. However, if corporate property comes under threat the Martial Queller wades into crowds, vomiting tear gas and shattering dissidents with its electric baton.

Key Features-
-High powered electric baton with a plastic splash shield (to prevent bodily fluids from shorting the open electrodes).
-Silk fibre composite plating used in a blast proof shield that is also magnetically shielded to protect the robot from directional EMP blasts.
-A weave of rubber strips encases an explosive charge which is detonated if the robot finds itself mobbed by uncontrollable numbers of civilians.
-Chemical canisters fire tear gas, and other types of suppression shells into crowds.
-Plated communications array maintains constant satellite connections with
corporate headquarters.