Those who fought in wars against the Polyp Countries tell tales of seeing their comrades desperately routed by small groups of horrifying cavalrymen, their mounts galloping jerkily on rickety stumps. The steeds were once human, now twisted by the precisely engineered growth agents that flow throughout their vascular systems. Cavaliers who disgrace themselves in battle are forcibly injected with Polyp agents and transformed into a new steed, often to be ridden by their now promoted squire.

Key Features:

The original subject infected by the Polyp School can be seen hanging in the core of the steed.

Tank of rendered bitumen-based fuel feeds its contents to diffuse through the steeds tissue for both nutrients and to prevent major infections.

Stirrups are connected straight to nerve clusters in the steed and are used by the rider for steering.

Exhaust pipes belch the noxious byproducts of the steed's accelerated organ processes.

Rimfire shotgun with shells containing small indentations holding a tiny skin of Polyp agents to infect their targets.