The age of tank brigades storming across fields and deserts is over, ended by a glut of inexpensively equipped anti-tank soldiers and devastatingly precise attack helicopters. However, the tank still has its place protecting convoys and providing highly mobile artillery batteries. The T10 Charioteer, a design anonymously donated to the United Nations to aid in increasing global conflicts, has revitalized the proficiency of mechanized divisions.

Key Features:

Helmsman robotic torso commanded by a direct link to either the gunner or driver gives the crewman the impression of riding atop a vehicle completely under their control.

Roller detonates anti-armour mines before they are positioned under vulnerable components of the tank.

Fully automatic loading 130mm gun with a variety of task-specific rounds available.

160mm point of fire howitzer.

Additional boxes of reactive armour mounted on top of the tank's normal protection.