Crowning achievement of the burgeoning Beast Appeaser caste, Jonah's Fortress has grown to be so infamous and feared across the known world, that its only military use so far has been in coastal bombardment. The fullsman whale is kept in an almost catatonic state, and extreme body movements are suppressed with a perpetually injected epidural. The whale's prime function is bouyancy, but its drugged and sluggish pectoral fin movement gifts Jonah's Fortress with a top speed that far outclasses all known sea bearing vessels.

Key Features-
-Dual loaded catapults located on the prow of the fortress.
-Iron sheeted cannon bays arranged in an outward curve.
-Small complement of life boats
suspended low, behind the whale's fins.
-Blinders to prevent the drugged whale from becoming concerned or spooked by things located at the starboard or port.
-Trawl net laid out not for fish, but to collect whale excrement for use in
processing fuel and gunpowder.